It's inspiring to see people like this move from silicon valley into the consciousness space. I suspect there are far more folks in the corporate world who are moderately successful and interested in doing work to help heal our society, but are financially constrained.

To me it's obvious that the biggest problem with convincing the average technocrat that there is valuable knowledge outside the standard rational framework is that so many people who go into this consciousness space tend to go way overboard. We need to do a more step by step, piecemeal approach if we want to convince people.

I respect what Steve is doing, but despite my own mystical experiences I can't help but cringe when I look at his website:


The first blaring message you see in large bolded font is: GET YOUR OWN PSYCHIC INSIGHTS

Scott, I hope it's clear to you that if any of your peers that have power and influence in the tech world saw this, they would run screaming the other way.

If I had millions of dollars to throw at the problem, what I would do is fund people who are highly rational and skeptical but still open to mystical experiences. From there I'd work to build a bridge slowly from the rational materialistic mainstream worldview, to a more nuanced and spiritual one.

People like Jonny Miller (http://www.jonnymiller.co/) are a good example of this.

For folks reading this who had the same reaction as I did to the website Scott linked - you aren't alone! And Scott I hope you understand all of this is said in a constructive mindset. I truly want more people to open themselves to new experiences, but I am tired of seeing poor messaging around this topic. We won't get anywhere if we keep jumping overboard off the ship of rationality the second we find something that doesn't make sense.

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Hi Scott, I'm a fan of your work, and I've noticed our newsletters have some similarities :) Let's connect and support each other! Keep up the great work!

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We should organize society, our public school systems and job training programs, around the concept of collective ownership instead of private businesses.


If every worker got in exchange for their professional careers everything that they needed to have a happy, balanced life in a safe and healthy world governed by fair laws and modern practices, then our use of science and ethics to generate daily goods and services, as basic human entitlements, will have fulfilled the purpose of socialism: to ensure “universal protections for all by all” without using money anymore or national currencies to uphold private capital, maintain structural wealth, or support banks and financing and other profit-making activities.


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I think you’d enjoy talking with Tom Morgan at Sapient Capital. He has a Substack and I interviewed him about his spiritual emergency. I can connect you if you like

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