I’m thrilled you here.

The greatest human adventure of all time is discovering your true Self and what you came here to contribute. This journey is one that centers around the evolution of your consciousness.

Many of us have felt a calling to earnestly explore the evolution of consciousness, yet are confused how to navigate spiritual transformation while meeting the demands of a modern life.

The purpose of this newsletter is to share lived insights and experiences for those earnestly exploring the expansion of consciousness who also want to thrive in the modern world. Society can make us feel like these things are at odds. Instead of seeing the pursuit of spiritual evolution as a limiter of your experience, my hope is that you can see its potential to unblock your ability to finally discover your inner radiance and outer prosperity you’ve been searching for all this time. And as we uplift ourselves, we are better positioned to uplift others.

The reason I write this newsletter is because over the past 5+ years that I’ve been on my own spiritual journey, I’ve found that striking the balance between consciousness expansion and thriving in a modern live to be incredibly nuanced. At times I longed for many of the perennial teachings to be grounded in a more relatable context and to have a community of other people who were going through similar transformations that I could connect with.

My hope is that the ideas, stories and community offered here will enhance your own transformation journey and exploration of consciousness.

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Who I am

I’m a new Dad!

For most of my adult life I was a hard charging entrepreneur. Five years ago, while running my tech startup Troops I had a massive spiritual opening that took over my life. In ways I would have never anticipated, the exploration of consciousness became the most important part of my life. This forced me to learn how to the balance rapid spiritual evolution while running my business which we eventually sold to Salesforce, the 5th biggest business software company in the world.

Along the way, I’ve learned many lessons about how to earnestly pursue consciousness evolution while continuing to be an effective person in the world. I feel a strong calling to help people on a similar path and create a bridge between the business world and the magnificent potentials that emerge with inner transformation.

So far my attempts to do that include writing this newsletter, working on a book, hosting the EvolutionFM podcast, creating community for entrepreneurs into spirituality, teaching a course on intuition, and hopefully more pursuits that unfold!

It is my honor to create these things and hope that they serve you and your highest expression.

Much love & blessings


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I write and podcast about the intersection of self-awareness and human potential. Previously exited startup founder.


Entrepreneur, most recently founded Troops.ai (acq. Salesforce). Focused on exploring consciousness and the boundless self while enjoying the human experience.
Entrepreneur and content creator. Most recently started Troops.ai (acq. Salesforce) and now enjoying writing about my journey of exploring consciousness and learning about the creator economy here: https://scottbritton.substack.com/