There Has To Be Something More 🧐

I’m Scott. I have been a technology entrepreneur most recently selling my last company Troops to Salesforce.

For a long time, I was incredibly motivated to be an important person in this world.

Four years ago everything changed. My desire for the material slowly became overtaken by this inner fire to know the truth and be close to the divine.

Instead of moving to an ashram, I stayed firmly planted in the western world running my company while I became enraptured in this exploration of my inner world.

This journey has been magical…but also be downright confusing and hard. Especially when we have to meet the demands of having a job, friends, and many obligations that come with living a modern, western life.

I created this newsletter to express myself as I grow in my own understanding of the nature of this wonderful experience we call life. To share all the experiences and revelations with others brings me deep joy.

My hope is that others may find it when they need it and come to know the deep inner joy that comes with their evolution.

A Quick Aside

The ideas shared are my interpretation of my direct experience of earnestly pursuing enlightenment while building a venture backed tech startup.

They may be different than your own, or may not even make sense. That is okay. I publish them not to tell anyone what they should believe or judge others. Rather to just share my own my direct experience for those that care to read.

If you respond to my posts, I will do my best to get back to you with the caveat that the goal of this newsletter is creative expression - not to coach or guide anyone on their personal evolution.

Much love & blessings


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Scott Britton

Entrepreneur, most recently founded (acq. Salesforce). Focused on exploring consciousness and the boundless self while enjoying the human experience.

Scott Britton

Entrepreneur and content creator. Most recently started (acq. Salesforce) and now enjoying writing about my journey of exploring consciousness and learning about the creator economy here: