This is a useful framework for sure, thanks for laying out your brain map on this. I came to very similar conclusions in my first business years ago and made adjustments accordingly. I created writings and videos around personal transformation that could lead to societal transformation back in 2009. But by 2012 I decided the message wasn't really 'sticking' with where culture was focused. I made an adjustment that pushed 'the message' into the background and instead focused on more culturally popular ideas and it exploded to become in the top 1000 websites in the world and a multi-million a year in revenue business. I still heard stories from thousands of people that our work helps 'change their lives,' but I was never really sure by how much as a result of how we changed our business appearance.

That said, so many topics we spoke about on the internet years ago (as they were more so in books prior) are huge mainstream today, so maybe seeding ideas was the larger purpose. Who knows.

Truth is though, I got a bit bored and unfulfilled by it after many years and I craved having an outlet for my deeper ideas.

Conscious capitalism is an interesting idea too. I was interviewed for a film called Prosperity, all about conscious capitalism, and while I agree with the general idea of it all, it still feels like not much more than learning to make the most of the systemic moment we are in now (which is very useful), but I still think we need to forefront whole systems re-design as a discussion.

We all have to survive, and money is crucial in that conversation. Being able to serve others in a meaningful way and try and be 'conscious' in our business is great, but having been in the 'conscious business' space for 15 years, most of my 'competitors' embrace appearances of being 'conscious', but still use the same old tactics of capturing attention at all costs. I'm not trying to call others out here as much as bring up the idea of how powerful the incentive structures are within our existing system.

It's a tough balance to strike, and if you don't seek to strike it too, you struggle. I don't mean to say it's not possible, but market dynamics are at play nonetheless.

Thanks for giving an opportunity to explore this subject more.

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Feb 11, 2023Liked by Scott Britton

I'd be glad to participate in a lumascape of consciousness related technologies as already planning to do that to get myself further involved! Second, I think this is very well written and only have one discrete thought to add. One of the lessons from psychedelics and meditation for me is that everyone is out there living their own story and entitled to their own story. That means that a way to think about conscious capitalism is to start trend spotting for storylines and ideas that people are seeking to have, and then using a framework that matches their currently held beliefs to give them the easiest way to achieve it. Similar to what you describe Eckhart Tolle as.

I think it'd be a lot of fun, to start a group brainstorming how to apply even standard market segmentation into things like "blue collar workers in the northeast are seeking a reinvention from old patterns of work from their parents, and looking for something that helps them transform their sense of identity," to try to capture ideas here. Thoughts?

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Love this, beautifully written and completely resonates:)

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Great article and just joined the Pawa chat group you mentioned. Thank you for sharing! I see lots of solopreneur women launching spiritual/consciousness expanding coaching businesses, or people trying to sell microdose programs, as if they were weightloss diets, but most of the visions are small and time-based and sometimes sus.

I love your broader exploration.

I sometimes wish the social media platforms I use would actually use all the insights they’re mining from me to tell me some potentially psychologically beneficial advice... like “you’re easily swayed by this kind of argument, watch out.” Or “you’re high on negative emotion, you should try XYZ to find more joy.”

There is totally a market for the Noom version of BetterHelp also, like an automated, self-guided digital coach/therapist. Because let’s face it, many human therapists/gurus aren’t the best.

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Great article, Scott. Definitely gave me lots to think about. I have a growing sense of urgency about how out of harmony humanity's become with the world. The environment, yes, but also a hundred other things. I'm feeling a real pull to try and do my part to teach others these sorts of concepts. Thank you for doing your part!! Have a great week!!

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Hey Scott, thanks for putting this together. A friend shared it with me, and we are both super excited to know other people are also thinking about this. As I was reading your post and the comments, I got goosebumps! This could be big in terms of impact on people's lives and an excellent biz opportunity.

As a founder, I have gone through the journey of looking for answers in the external world to realize then that they lie within. The major challenge I see here is taking people through that journey between unawareness (experimental Inspiration) and a life of expanded consciousness.

There are many answers, and it is a great opportunity for doers and creatives like us to see what is possible and build it. I got the feeling that this post may be the spark of something huge, and I want to be part of it :)

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thanks for linking into our PAUA community! We changed the name from PAWA to PAUA :)

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"My belief is that consciousness’s desire is to expand and eventually experience or realize itself while continuing to expand." I completely agree! It's an absolutely inspiring, life-changing understanding once people can get to that point.

I would also say those who have themselves become more expanded in consciousness do need to help others get there. Not easy, though. This was exciting for me to see you publish this because along with high importance comes relatively high difficulty (or a lot). I'm excited to see continued thoughts about this—one of these days I'd like to make some money myself, you know. :)


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First of all, this piece is amazing. We need more and more articles putting together consciousness work with entrepreneurship. Many thanks! 👏

I have an inquiry.

I like when you say “As I write this I know the right opportunity to direct all my energy too will emerge in perfect timing if I just continue to follow my inner guidance and earnestly pursue the things that give me energy.”

I am doing the same. Trusting that something will emerge if I keep going towards what feels right. But I’m struggling a bit with its operationalisation.

My approach is: 1. to look for a foundational job in the area where my expertise lies (tech product management), 2. as I develop towards the areas where my heart shines (coaching, writing here).

However, I would rather like to bridge these two worlds and I’m struggling to find opportunities or frameworks to do that. So as to support people in the self development, while leveraging my product skills.

Would you have any framework to share? Or, maybe, just your thought process on the matter?

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