Oct 29, 2023Liked by Scott Britton

Thank you for sharing your experiences and insight. I have just read all of this series and I found it in perfect timing!

I felt I was in that “messy” stage of spiritual growth. It’s like having one foot in an old life but the other foot has already stepped into the new.

I had got to a point where I just wanted to cover my eyes but they were already wide open. I wanted to go back but I know I can’t!

I know now that I must carry on and in doing so I will eventually feel love and peace within.

Thank you Scott

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Sep 29, 2022Liked by Scott Britton

Fun, incisive series! It deeply resonated, in possibly more than one context :D

Have you revisited subjects you weren’t initially granted permission to calibrate?

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Thank you for this insightful and thought provoking series Scott. This detailed account of your experience was exactly what I needed at this very moment. I can't wait to read further explorations of these concepts in future posts. You've given me much to contemplate and put into practice. I am left spiritually energized, full of intent and overflowing with hope. I have always imagined it would be quite helpful to have a "guru" resonating much higher on the consciousness scale, to help with growth and guidance. Sometimes the path is overwhelming, and a gentle nudge or guidance during a pivotal time would be quite beneficial. Did synchronicity align you with the guru you mentioned above, or did you seek one out? I ask, because I do feel like I have been in the presence of humans resonating very highly, but how does one transition into a learner/teacher relationship in this instance? Are there places you have found best for seeking out individuals willing to help others on their personal path of expanding consciousness?

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