Thank you for sharing all your important information.

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This two-parter is a fantastic summary of everything I’m obsessed with (and a few things I’m going to have to check out!)

I had a thought though: have you heard the Chogyam Trungpa dialogue with (iirc) Krishnamurti? Again, I may be misattributing the quote, but the philosopher argued with the Buddhist master that “in modern life, we already have enough to do. Why add meditation to stress about?”

It seems there’s a lot to “work on” and “fix” in our mutual obsessions… I wonder what your thoughts are about this?

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Jul 27, 2023Liked by Scott Britton

Great stuff! Thank you!

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Hey Scott.

We are trying to reach you for a potential collaboration.

We are Biyaku, a sexuality app with courses and meditations.. You can check our Substack and Instagram below.



If you are interested at all, mail to mete@biyaku.me please. Love...

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