Great stuff Scott - someone recommended me Transcending the Levels of Consciousness mid last year and things have been interesting since then to say the least. I had no idea so many others were writing about this, let alone there being a whole community around it!

I test on myself and it appears to work well. All I can say is that it feels good, and I've been surprised by the results on numerous occasions - it feels like my body is the vessel for facilitation, and I'm witnessing the show in a third person (if that makes sense).

One thing I haven't wrapped my head around yet - what happens if two people test/calibrate the same thing? I wonder if those results should be at least similar. Then I wonder what it'd mean if there's a large delta between the two results.

Is it an absolute truth, or is it a truth/reading that is merely relative to (and therefore limited by) that person's subjective reality and corresponding worldview?

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