Scott, There is a lot to unpack here. Good job. D

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Greetings Livio,

Unfortunately, I'm limited with my opinion having only read one book about 50 years ago along with some miscellaneous tidbits from several authors. The book was about Gopi Krishna and his challenging experiences of Kundalini awakening. I don't recall much. However, I did meet a Kundalini guru, Yogi Bhajan, but was not drawn to him for spiritual guidance

I'm not sure what you mean by "categorize" that I apparently caused you to think. Possibly my reference to "sat, chit, ananda." If you're qualifying or suggesting sat, chit ananda as a category, I would say that there are only 2 catagories from my perspective. Either "congested" Kundalini (restricted circulation/resistance) or the opposite: unrestricted circulation. Sat, chit, ananda which refers to infinite power, knowledge and bliss (an intuitive state beyond thinking).

Quite frankly, I feel that Scott has demonstrated a credible talent to articulate his experience well. I've not had his experience, however I've become reasonably aware of the basic mechanics and can confirm Scott's "maturing opinion" of his own experience from the little that I've read of his life. In my opinion, his writing & continuing development is rooted in 3 essential components of the divine process... reflection, integration & surrender.

BTW, my Kundalini experience eventually led me to focus more on the destination than the journey.

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Applied! ;) Thanks, Scott. Keep writing.

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Having had an unsolicited spontaneous kundalini (sat, chit ananda) experience in 1975, I encourage you to learn about manonash and the purpose of life.

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A quieter mind also crates space to begin the experimentation process of taking more reality authorship (manifestation). ❤️

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Meditation is powerful. I started doing it in group settings in 2010, when I got sober. I’ve mainly focused on Vipassana Buddhist meditation. Since then I’ve been on and off but I absolutely notice that when I’m on, even if only doing 5 minutes a morning, my thoughts feel less erratic and fragmented; I maintain more inner calm and peace. I need to get back into it. It’s been a while. Last year I went 6 months where I did an hour of silent sitting every morning. But it’s a grooved practice like anything else.

Michael Mohr

‘Sincere American Writing’


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