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The name: Bankman - Fried. says it all right there!

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Excellent points about the ego and how it likes to put others down. Since 2016, politically-based ego's have gone on a put down rampage. It's an easy trap to fall into.

We don't know quite yet what the hell bankman was doing. Judgement aside, it sounds like he was a gambling addict who simply lost his mind and, unfortunately, he had a lot of money at his disposal.

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Well maybe language is giving us all we need to know IF we are conscious enough. Now it gets more interesting. SBF is speaking at a NY Times event in Dec alongside (drum roll)...Zelensky, Janet Yellen, Zuckerberg. Humanity is slow to learn. Is it possible that you and I are giving power to this nonsense by our very discussion? "You cannot see it out there unless you see it in within yourself." Enough said.

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