It should be than not then (used twice) in the first bullet point. But more importantly, I believe many conspiracy theories because of what I have experienced from working for the government. As well, I am a deep thinker and thought leader, dowsing on the edge of consciousness and observe patterns and intersecting points.

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To me, the issue is greed. People are brainwashed to believe that material success (I.e., money) will bring happiness so they tend to focus on material acquisition. Also, corporations exist only for bottom line. If someone wants to keep their job and put their kid thru school, they have to work to make their employer a profit, not care about things like other people or the environment. This is one of the reasons why I think so many people are leaving the corporate workforce.

Also - the sugar cereal and egg comment. I worked in food advocacy for 25 years. The sugar lobby is extremely powerful and tho people in it might be good people at heart, they have to work for the good of their employer to keep their job. Sugar is not better than eggs. They did that w red meat. Paid off researchers to say red meat was bad when it was actually sugar. This isn’t a conspiracy theory - it’s a fact. I think you calling efforts to uncover truths “conspiracy theories” is loaded. Good article tho- you brought up some interesting points.

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Hello Scott. I enjoyed your article. It provided some additional food for thought. In Canada, when the truck convoy was going on, I had friends on both sides of the issue.

I described myself as sitting on the boulevard, watching two parades going going on either side; friends in each march urging that I join their side.

I was happy to sit in my lawn chair, drink with umbrella in hand observing the choices and arguments of each side. No judgment, no choosing, simply “that’s an interesting thought...”

We all come here to learn through the experience of our choices, to grown and to return to love.

I believe allowing others to choose differently than us while still loving them, without judgement is a key to rising up that chart of yours.

Thanks for writing...


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Jan 9, 2023Liked by Scott Britton

I concur. Yes. Thank you.

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