Great piece Scott! So good that I just cross-posted this to my own subscribers. I don't cross-post much, but this is so well written and helpfully explanatory that I feel it's worth sharing.

We all kindof know that meditation is supposed to be so dang good for us—but it's hard to put a finger on precisely why. I love the connection you make here with sports. People often say that sport "X is my meditation," but not the other way around, when—I agree—it does make sense to view it as a sport, something that one practices and with a payoff of enjoyment.

Well done!

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Thanks a ton Bowen! I'm glad you liked the sports references : ) sometimes the athlete in me can't help myself! To me I think a lot of people interesting treat meditation like some unique thing that they can show up to and expect to be good at it when for some reason they don't have these expectations for most other things in life! It's interesting. Not sure why that is, but hoping to help change that!

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