I’m shocked that this article doesn’t have thousands of likes and comments. I immediately texted my friend that I nerd out with on all things Michael Singer to say: “This is the most important thing I’ve read in as long as I can remember.”

It’s left me in a deeper state of presence, with greater compassion for my past, and more clarity of the path ahead than I’ve had in a long time.

You answered so many unanswered questions I had after listening to Singers lecture series on surrender and reading the book. Thank you for this Scott.

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Aug 3, 2022Liked by Scott Britton

Lots to unpack in this blog and, like many intentionally introspective blogs, that will take much longer than a few minutes. I will say there is a lot that resonates and in particular this arc that drove you and is almost identical to my arc. >>> I’m going to build a big company, and make a lot of money, and then give back, and doing this is serving god. And because I’m in a position of leadership and I am a good person, this will give me an opportunity to impact others and be a positive influence on society. And then when I’m really, really successful and have done all the things I want to do, I will then focus completely on god-centered, save the world type activities.

Where I struggle is in thinking through whether I would have gotten more quickly to a state of Life Is Me (not even close yet) had I NOT gone on that arc. Or did the arc, despite WHY I chose that path, actually help get me closer to it than had I not gone this route.....

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Sep 11, 2022Liked by Scott Britton

"A fantastic article on the author's personal experience with his spiritual growth. More specifically around the concept of surrender, a topic that I've been exploring for myself lately. This piece does a great job balancing the spiritual with the practical: how to actually apply these learnings in real life."

What I plan to share with my audience later this month ^

Thanks for writing this. :)

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Jun 1, 2023Liked by Scott Britton

I feel like I will read this 40 more times and still learn something new… thank you Scott.


“By trust, I mean a sense of knowing that everything is going to be okay and that all is going according to plan regardless of the content.”

I’m stuck on “regardless of the content.”. Is this because … shit, how can it be regardless of the content? Isn’t content the “grist for the mill” (so to speak)?

I struggle greatly with surrender and polarity — and as I am writing this, it occurs to me that it’s my ego that believes all this content has got to *mean* something… maybe it doesn’t?

In any case, maybe you could shed some light on what you mean by that?

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Nov 1, 2022Liked by Scott Britton

similar story scott. a lot of striving for the first 30 years of my life. a lot of church but a refusal to accept that i needed anything other than my own will. thanks for your thoughts.

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Aug 4, 2022Liked by Scott Britton

Awesome blog post and really enjoyed your previous one too.

I was following you on your blog many years ago before your startup and great you started writting again! I feel I'm on a similar journey at somewhere of a similar stage but I went through a crypto startup cycle and got some success there.

Enjoyable but I also want to keep learning about different topics and work in other areas of life

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"An upgraded belief system from good vs. bad is that everything is merely evolution occurring and you are the witness to it. In summary, the more you get rid of the notion of polarity, the easier surrender becomes." - It's amazing that two people can reach the same conclusion despite having different mindsets.

Me as a cynical person doesn't see any value in categorizing people as "good" or "bad", hence dropped it. Instead I see people as "useful" or "non-useful". It allows me to have more tolerance towards people with different mindsets (like you) and I choose whatever is useful for my goals.

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