For me, getting out in nature for an extended time is the most reliable way for me to drop into the natural state of joy, gratitude, wonder, and contentment. Nothing beats backpacking, sleeping on the earth, and a night sky filled with stars to kickstart my remembrance with that state.

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Jul 12, 2023Liked by Scott Britton

Excellent post Scott. I deeply appreciate your thoughts. Agreed!!!

A few things I could add regarding this topic is screen-time detox multiple times per day via outdoor time, or yoga, Tai chi, Qi gong, running, sex, walking, hiking, dancing, and last but not least, the most potent for my partner and I is ocean, river, or lake swimming when that’s possible!

And all of these delightful activities have the “automatic” benefit of creating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual detox/healing all at once!

Add in: healthy diet, clean air, clean water, tribe/family/community in some form, and plenty of love for self and others and we humans can beautifully return to our true nature that you’ve described so well. Thanks for sharing!

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Jul 11, 2023Liked by Scott Britton

This is a great and important post.

The act of cleansing and detox is a gradual process and we may never get it perfect living in the world we do, but every little bit makes a difference.

The ability to return to our natural selves as often as possible through somatic practices is key to resilience and vitality as a person.

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It is interesting that the two primary things which Consciousness has explored in relation to this physical reality are Emotion and Sexuality.

As we move into the third decade of the objective portion of The Shift, both of these things are under a microscope and subject to intense scrutiny in how we regard them.

Emotion and feelings are becoming better understood as we become more self-aware. We are beginning to understand the difference between reaction and response.

Sexuality is undergoing a transformation with the emergence of Zee, or the third gender. This is causing us to scrutinize long-held beliefs about our identities.

All in all, we're not in Kansas anymore. Expect the pace to continue at breakneck as we flush out eons of beliefs to clear the path for a new way of being.


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Jul 23, 2023Liked by Scott Britton

Your findings and awareness match mine well. The more I connect, the more things rise up to be cleared and my body makes its preferences known.

Naps are necessary. Grains and dairy are not welcome and alcohol has an immediate and undesirable affect.

Clean and clear within and throughout is the state I am seeking to create.

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Well said! I’ve been going down a similar path for the past few years but took the leap away from my corporate job 3 weeks ago.

It’s a journey towards awareness and a return to my natural state, assessing what that means and how I can naturally move forward while building a life out of it ✨

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My higher voice told me to quit drinking about 5 years before I actually did it. That voice, while not always vocal, was always there and got louder and louder. It became utterly incongruent to continue as I was and stay in integrity. Sometimes, with habits that are very sticky to our human self, it takes more effort to shift but that's where the greater growth lies.

As your awesome readers have pointed out in the comments, the part that wasn't fully expressed in your excellent article is the need to move our bodies. Everything else you mentioned is vital as well but if we are doing all that and sitting on the couch it is still harder to access Source.

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Scott, I like the idea of cleansing as essential for enhanced growth. Thanks for those thoughts. D

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It’s like an eternal feedback loop 🔁🙏🏾

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Jul 10, 2023Liked by Scott Britton

this is great stuff! I love these connections that you've made. I never thought about it before, but it makes so much sense!

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It kind of feels like a constant dance where there is space and connection, and then more that comes up. I have learned to trust the intelligence of it. It's fascinating to see the ordering of what comes up. And agree with we put in the body. At a higher vibration, you are held to a higher standard. You can't get away with what we used too!

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