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A Deep Dive On A Course In Miracles With Sean Reagan

A Deep Dive On A Course In Miracles With Sean Reagan

A conversation with Course In Miracles teacher Sean Reagan on inner transformation, spiritual growth, and the various pathways to awakening

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A Course In Miracles is one of those books that has been hovering in my sphere for years now. I first heard it mentioned by David Hawkins and then shortly after by Eckhart Tolle. When my spiritual teacher brought it up, I took it as a sign and just bought the book.

When something shows up 3X in close succession, I take it as a sign and prioritize it which in this case meant buying the book.

Admittedly, it’s mostly just been collecting dust on my shelf, but one way I’ve been engaging with some of the concepts has been through following the work of

on his Substack.

Sean is a teacher of A Course In Miracles and today’s guest on EvolutionFM.

Like many of us, Sean had tried following many other pathways from Buddhism to Catholicism to have more persistent peace and joy in his life. Eventually, he stumbled across A Course In Miracles and things shifted in an amazing way. 

The book was created by Helen Schulman from 1965 to 1972 via a direct channeling from Jesus Christ according to the author. Ironically, the author was an atheist psychologist leading up to “inner dictation” as she put it. 

Since the book was published, it has helped an incredible amount of people find peace and healing through its daily devotional style of teaching.

One of the core concepts is that many of the things that cause our suffering such as fear are not actually real. These are simply misperceptions that have to do with the false identification of yourself as a body. I have come to experience many of these great truths in my own experience but got here through a different entry point.

Now you might be thinking No fear? Sounds nice but how do you do that? I experience fear all the time!

This is a topic Sean and I unpack in this conversation as well as other “sounds nice, but how” concepts like the recognition of not being a body, but having one.

One of the premises I like about the course is that it acknowledges that it is merely one access point to a perennial and universal path of awakening and healing. In fact, it outright advises readers to stop engaging and keep searching for a path that does if it doesn’t resonate.

This strikes me as high teaching versus many others that hold concepts of positionality like their way, being the only way.

One thing I have learned by communicating spiritual learnings and observations is that everyone has different access points to resonance. To be an effective communicator, you must meet people where they are while maintaining your authenticity and commitment to truth. This is an exercise in language, love, and listening.

What’s exciting to me about A Course In Miracles is that it might be an access point to many people in my life who identify as Christians, but find that their current experience is coming up short. It seems like an interesting bridge between how Christ’s teachings are taught today by modern man and the more spiritual, experiential concepts that I have found so enriching which are often more prominent in other traditions. 

Once you experience these positive changes in your life, you can’t help but not want the same for others while recognizing that we are all on our own timelines.

I hope you enjoy this conversation and encourage you to check out Sean’s fantastic work and teachings!


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