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Understanding The Regenerative Business Movement With Rudy De Waele

Understanding The Regenerative Business Movement With Rudy De Waele


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We humans are a funny bunch. 

Sometimes it feels like we think we have it all figured out only to later understand how the way we’ve been doing things may need some rethinking.

You may have heard of the term “regenerative” in various contexts. I most often came across it in relation to regenerative agriculture over the past few years. But the regenerative concept can be applied to all the systems in our society including business.

Today’s guest is Rudy De Waele, the founder of RegenerateX, UnconditionalMen, and Heart Masters. He has been working with leaders and organizations across the world to transform themselves and the systems we find ourselves in.

What I was reminded of in this conversation is how much of our current systems are a reflection of an egocentric consciousness. As advanced as we think we are in business and the like, we are actually still operating out of almost a colonial model that feels compelled to strive, conquer, and maximize in order to feel safe.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given how human consciousness is the substrate of what we create in the world. With this understanding, it is clear that our systems will go through a similar awakening process and transformation as more and more humans uplift themselves. In this way, self-awareness precedes system awareness. If the individual journey is any indicator, here’s what we may expect:

  • Society will continue its existing scripts until we look around and realize that it isn’t working or experience something calamitous

  • This will cause our mental model and reality frame to deconstruct forcing us to investigate and contemplate what we’ve been doing

  • There will likely be lots of discomfort and resistance as the existing systems break down. Many will hold on for fear of letting go to what they have known

  • Eventually the more we let go of the old system, the more space will be created for a new system to emerge that is more harmonious with the new collective depth of awareness that is more inclusive, open, loving, and trusting

The way we get here is by working from the bottom up; individuals will need to first experience this inner transformation before we start to see the new systems express. Inner innovation creates outer innovation!

I am excited about this future, and I found Rudy’s outlook to be very optimistic relative to the doomer narrative we so frequently are inundated with.

Other ideas that stood out to me:

  • Decentralization of nations and move into more communal models

  • How Rudy moved to Ibiza in order to implant himself in a community aligned with this new order and collective shift. This resonates with me as I think about my future and aligning myself with people and places representative of where humans are going vs. where we’ve been

  • The need for more containers for men to move out of their heads and into their hearts and bodies

Rudy and his partner are doing great work and helping leaders all over the world make the inward shifts so that they can ultimately express this transformation outward. 

I encourage you to check out his work and hope you enjoy this episode!


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Consciousness ∞ The Doorway to Human Evolution
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