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New Dimensions: An In-Depth Look at The Extended State DMT Research w/ Alex Beiner

New Dimensions: An In-Depth Look at The Extended State DMT Research w/ Alex Beiner

A conversation with author Alex Beiner, a participant in the world's first extended state DMT trials

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After my first plant medicine retreat I was trying to make sense of what the hell I had just experienced. 

Probably the 4th or 5th book I read was DMT: The Spirit Molecule written by Dr. Rick Strassman. The book was attractive to me because DMT was the primary psychoactive agent in ayahuasca.

Rick was the first person to study DMT in a laboratory setting and discovered many striking similarities of people’s subjective experience in his research. Whether it was independent accounts of alternate realities or encountering other forms of intelligent life, it really made people start to question what is actually going on here?

One thing about the DMT experience in the way it was studied by Rick was that the experience only lasted around 10 minutes. This begged the question - what would happen if we could somehow expand the duration of these experiences for a deeper exploration?

Enter DMTx. In 2018, in partnership with the Imperial College of London, researchers kicked off a study to observe participants in an extended state DMT experience using new technology that enabled a participant experience that on average lasted 4x as long (40 minutes) as previous studies. 

Today’s guest is

, one of the 9 incredibly brave participants who embarked on this pioneering inner exploration. Alex first got on my radar through his excellent writing on his Substack which explores the worlds of consciousness, reality, and psychedelics. Before that, he was the founder of the alternative media company Rebel Wisdom and Breaking Convention Conference, the largest psychedelic conference in Europe. Alex just released his first book called The Bigger Picture which covers how psychedelics are poised to change our world while detailing his experience being part of the DMTx trials.

I found our conversion to be absolutely fascinating.

To be one of the first people in the world to plunge into unknown inner waters like this is incredibly courageous. I believe that the inner space represents the new frontier that humans need to engage fully in order to usher in the next era of human prosperity.

In this conversation, we discuss

  • How he got involved in DMTx

  • What he expected and what actually happened

  • How the experience has updated his existing reality view

  • His encounters with entities 

  • How he sees psychedelics impacting our society at large as these access increases

This is one of the more interesting conversations I’ve had on this podcast.

I hope you enjoy it and encourage you to follow Alex’s work and check out his new book!


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