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Embracing Change and Transition Skillfully With Steve Schlafman

Embracing Change and Transition Skillfully With Steve Schlafman

A conversation with my good friend and professional transition coach Steve Schlafman

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Life is a series of transitions.

This truth is something I’ve increasingly realized on my consciousness journey. I once thought there was a destination to get to. At first, this was becoming a wildly successful entrepreneur and then trying to become an “enlightened” being. I now see that there are no endpoints and that the process of evolution is one that continues to infinity. Inherently, this means we will need to continuously reinvent ourselves and I believe this is something we can learn to do with greater skill and ease.

This is one reason I was excited to have a conversation with my good buddy

, the transition coach and the brains behind . Steve and I got to know each other as “hustlers” in the early days of the New York Tech scene. If there was anyone who was out there buying more coffee and trying to rub elbows with the right people more than me back in the day, it might have been Steve!

Steve went on to a successful career in venture capital until he ultimately felt called to become a coach, focusing a lot of his work with well-known entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. More recently, his evolution has continued to now focusing on working with higher performers through periods of career and life transition.

I think this is important work and will become a growing field. With everything from COVID, the deconstruction of many institutions, and the expansion of consciousness, more and more people are taking a step back and asking important questions:

  • Is this track I’ve been on what I thought it would be?

  • Is what I’m currently doing aligned with my highest purpose and the level of meaning I seek?

  • How can I move closer to my zone of genius that also serves the world?

In this conversation, Steve takes us through his own journey as well as common tools that people can use when they find themselves at the cusp of transition. Two of my favorite that we discuss are using the body’s intelligence and taking a life inventory.

Steve is an incredibly thoughtful person who has had an inside view of how some amazingly successful people navigate this formative part of life experience.

If you are currently in a period of transition, interested in psychology, consciousness, and coaching, I think you will find this to be a very entertaining conversation!

Much love


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