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Breathwork and Rebranding Transformation With Robbie Bent (CEO, Othership)

Breathwork and Rebranding Transformation With Robbie Bent (CEO, Othership)

A discussion on how to make mindfulness & transformation work approachable in our culture

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The first time I did breathwork was early 2019. I remember thinking “holy shit! How is this not more popular!?”

Since then I’ve been waiting for someone to build an amazing company in the space. There was a short time period in 2019 I considered doing it myself, but I lacked the courage to leave Troops at the height of my interest and I wasn’t in the position to start something after the loss of a family member & our M&A process.

In my humble opinion, the team behind Othership are the ones building a great company in the space. I am incredibly impressed by the level of thoughtfulness that has gone into creating a fun, approachable containers for peak social experiences at their in-person locations.

And as far as the app goes, it’s the best breathwork app I’ve tried hands down. The user experience, instructors, and music are all top notch.

This conversation with Robbie Bent, Othership Co-founder and CEO, cuts to some of the fundamental reasons why mindfulness is where it is from an adoption standpoint and how you can think about positioning a practice, brand, or idea in the business of wellness/spirituality/mindfulness to appeal to a broader audience.

For Robbie and his team, their approach isn’t just about building a healthy business, but also about introducing transformational work and experiences to as many people as possible. I think anyone interested in reaching large groups of people in the consciousness and wellness space can learn a lot from Robbie in this conversation.

We also geek out on the nervous system and why breath is such a powerful mechanism. One thing that stuck out to me is the idea that when we are in sympathetic dominance or “fight” mode, we are not in touch with our emotions. This means that these emotions go unexpressed which eventually can cause the energy behind them to calcify in our etheric and physical bodies resulting in illness.

I believe repressed emotions are the root cause of many illnesses and physical ailments despite what the latest science attempts to tell us. I’ve experienced a lot of this first hand with a lot of anger that I didn’t even know I was carrying which manifested a ton of digestive and gut health issues that I eventually was able to resolve.

There is not a lot of western medicine that acknowledges this currently, but I think this will become a bigger part of the physical health story in the next 20-30 years.

Anyways, I’ll stop with rant! I hope you enjoy this conversation Robbie and if you are want to give Othership a try go download the app!

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