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The Alarming State of America's Health & Food Quality(Justin Mares)

The Alarming State of America's Health & Food Quality(Justin Mares)

Why are so many people sick right now in the U.S.?

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The past 2.5 years are the first time I’ve struggled with my health in my life.

It’s been incredibly difficult and you don’t really appreciate the adage “if you have your health, you have everything” until you don’t have it. Thankfully I have been feeling lots of vitality over the past few months that I wasn’t sure I’d ever get back.

One of my closest friends

knows more about health then just about anyone I know. He’s built 3 food companies in Kettle & Fire, Perfect Keto, and Surely Wines which gives him unique insight into how the stuff we put into our bodies is actually made. Now he is working on new company called True Medicine that is making it easier and more affordable to be healthy.

I’ve been a long time follower of his newsletter The Next and a few years ago he started sharing staggering information on what is happening to the U.S. population's health citing our food system as a culprit. 

Check these stats out which we discuss in the episode:

  • The average testosterone of a 22 year old American male is the same as a 67 year old man’s was 20 years ago

  • In 1990, there were 0 states with obesity greater than 20%. In 2018, there are 0 states with obesity less than 20%. Obesity, which is correlated to lots of health issues, has more then doubled in the past 28 years.

  • 25% of the pesticides we use in the U.S. for growing food (including organic) are illegal in Europe

  • The new food pyramid in the U.S. claims that sugary cereal is healthier than eating an egg or piece of bread

  • 93% of streams, rivers and lakes in the US had some sort of like microplastic contamination in them

It almost seems like the food in America is making us sicker instead of healthier.

Now many of you are probably like me and try to buy all organic food, don’t eat junk, and stay away from booze. But why is it that even after all of these things we still feel better after spending time in Europe completely binging on vacation? There is definitely something going on here which Justin explains in depth in this episode.

As conscious individuals it is important that we know about these things. We must honor our bodies and protect our loved ones. To be a vehicle for positive change requires a healthy body which is why I think this is such an important topic. 

I often think about relocating to a place where it is easier to be healthy. Feeling vitality and connectedness to nature now feels much more important to me than proximity to entertainment, nice dinners, and even being around tons of friends. I think this perspective has evolved as I become less dependent on others to feel good about myself and truly started to love myself unconditionally. My experience is that when this happens more authentic preferences emerge and they are not met with all the resistance that they were before.

I hope you enjoy this conversation. I certainly did. And if you like Justin’s thoughts I encourage you to check out his newsletter The Next and new business True Medicine.

Much love,


If you liked reading or listening to this, feel free to click the ❤️ button on this post so more people can discover it on Substack 🙏

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