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Why Our Minds Wander With Scientist Arnaud Delorme

One Year Without Alcohol & Automatic Quitting

David Perell On Faith, Creating From Love, and Surrendering To Your Natural Gifts

Conscious Community Call: Cultivating Trust For Life (12.18)

What Are The Jhanas And How Can They Change Your Life? (Jhourney Co-founder, Stephen Zerfas)

The Energy of Money Has A Very Different Story Than What We've Been Told (Sarah McCrum)

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Community Call Details For Dec 18th

Are You Unconsciously Limiting Your Ability To Enjoy? I Was

Moving Beyond The Self-Improvement Trap With Steve March (Aletheia Coaching)

Accessing The Infinite Wisdom Of The Akashic Records with Laura Coe

Using Career Ambiguity For Your Liberation

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From Startup Millionaire → The Monastery → Intentional Co-Living: The Leo Widrich Story (Mo Wildman)

New Stuff: Community, 100+ Book Spiritual Library, & Guided Practice + Meditations

Facing Shame To Claim Freedom and Spaciousness With Ryan Vaughn

This Whole Middle Way Path Is Still Relatively Young

Navigating The Dark Night and Shifts In Identity With Neuroscientist Mona Sobhani

Understanding the Earth School and Karma With Hans Wilhelm

Making Transcendent Experiences More Accessible w/ The Institute for Advanced Consciousness Studies (IACS)

Navigating The Mystery of Soul Initiation and Embodiment w/ Brooks Barron

Intuitive Voice Meditation

Transforming Unhealthy Patterns Meditation

Release Suppressed Emotions With Emotional Inquiry Meditation

The Wisdom of Ruminations and Tugs

Becoming Like A Child Again

How Cerebrospinal Fluid Shapes Our Conscious Experience w/ Mauro Zappaterra

Learning To Trust Life Unconditionally

A REAL Unicorn: Leaving The Silicon Valley Elite to Serve Humanity w/ Steve Farrell

Early Fatherhood Reflections

The Rise of Conscious Professional With Jake Housdon

How To Bend Reality with Victoria Song

Academy Earth

Understanding the Unique Psyche of Entrepreneurs With Dr. Michael Freeman

How and Why Synchronicity Happen With Dr. Bernard Beitman

Linear vs. Non-Linear Accomplishment

A Deeper Dive On The Consciousness Startup Ecosystem and Opportunities With Greg Kubin

The Startup Landscape for Expanding Consciousness

Part 2: Fringe Things That I'm Into That Could Go Mainstream

Fringe Things I’m Into That Could Go Mainstream One Day (Part 1)

Moving Beyond Our Known Experience With Trish Blain

The Neuroscience of Meditation: What We Know & Don’t Know w/ Kati Devaney

Returning To The Natural State

Practicing Conscious Communication & Relationship Leadership w/ Andrew Horn

Leave It To A Honey Mama’s Bar To Illuminate The Universe’s Feedback Loop

New Dimensions: An In-Depth Look at The Extended State DMT Research w/ Alex Beiner

Introducing Guided: Unlock, Access and Expand Your Intuitive Power

letting go Intellectually Vs. Capital L Letting Go

Understanding The Regenerative Business Movement With Rudy De Waele

Should You Start Something New While You Are In A Transformation Process?

The Many Layers of Awakening With Angelo Dilullo

Consciousness Creating Reality With Mark Gober

What Can You Actually Do With A Still Mind?

Accessing Our Innate Intuitive Gifts With Theresa Cheung

Introducing Guided: Unlock, Access and Expand Your Intuitive Power

When The Healing Path Puts Your Life On Pause

Embracing Change and Transition Skillfully With Steve Schlafman

God’s Hour: The Big Misconception Of Why We Wake Up In the Middle of the Night

The AI Mirror: Reflecting On What ChatGPT Can Teach Us About The Mind and Consciousness

Artists vs. Content Creators

From Hustle to Flow: Rethinking The Narrative of Success and Spirituality

A Deep Dive On A Course In Miracles With Sean Reagan

Lessons Learned On The Energy Body and Tuning Into the Broader Field of Consciousness

Screens and Kids: The Challenging Impact of Technology on Children & Potential Solutions (Sara Filipcic, BeHumane)

Navigating the Growing Pains of Energetic Puberty

The Nervous System's Role In Inner Transformation (Jonny Miller)

The Confusing Paradox and Limitations Of Being Determined To Get Enlightened

Investing In The Next Frontiers of Mental Health: Psychedelics, Nuero-Tech, Next-Gen Therapy (Greg Kubin, PsyMed Ventures)

If You Struggle To Meditate Or Stick With It Read This

The Unseen Forces of Self-Sabotage: My Million Dollar Lesson

Exploring the Mind-Bending World of Endogenous DMT, Telekinesis, & Emergent Phenomena (John Chavez)

I used to think manifesting was bullshit. Here’s what I think now

The Alarming State of America's Health & Food Quality(Justin Mares)

A Framework For Finding Business Ideas and Investments In Consciousness

Brain Implants and Spirituality Have More In Common Than I Thought (Joe Allen)

Reflecting On 10 Years of Meditating and The Unexpected Ways My Practice Has Changed

When Will Healthcare Acknowledge & Effectively Treat Spiritual Phenomena? (Daniel Ingram)

The Miraculous Responsive Reality

Weekend Vids: Ancient Apocalypse, Psychedelics + Energetic Holes

The Inner Journey of One of Silicon Valley’s Top Growth Leaders (Andy Johns)

Becoming "One of Those People"

What's Really Happening With Conspiracy

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